Product Overview

At Triple, our unwavering dedication lies in furnishing user-friendly solutions for seamlessly incorporating off-chain data into on-chain processes. We recognize that each project possesses distinct needs, which is why we present a variety of methods for data consumption:


For projects needing their custom data feeds on-chain with defined parameters such as deviation triggers and heartbeat. This solution is perfect for vault tokens, volatility monitoring, TWAPs, and more. Real-time, customizable data at your fingertips.


For projects needing data secured on-chain at scale, our Triple Layer solution is the answer. Whether you're in the DeFi space, prediction markets, or building data-heavy Web3 solutions, we ensure your data is secure and readily available to support your applications.


For projects requiring high-frequency data. Signed off-chain data written into any smart contract on demand. This feature is ideal for high-frequency perps or spot trading platforms where timing is crucial. Access the data you need, precisely when you need it.

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