Fast and Scalable

The measure of a network's speed finds its most accurate expression in the concept of Time To Finality (TTF). In the realm of an oracle network, finality assumes its most precise definition as the juncture in the life cycle of a data request where the outcome becomes immutable and impervious to alteration. The TTF, within the context of an oracle network, signifies the time interval between the initiation of a data request and the unequivocal response from the network.

Swift finality stands as an inherently desirable and frequently essential attribute for various oracle use cases. Without it, transactions may encounter failures or inadvertently execute based on outdated, obsolete data. The latter scenario poses a significant threat to the security assumptions of a protocol and, in the worst-case scenario, can lead to potential financial losses.

The foundation of scalability and performance hinges on the equitable distribution of workloads. Data requests are managed off-chain and concurrently processed to curtail the necessity for excessive on-chain business logic while upholding the integrity of protocol security.

In the case of TRIPLE, the Time To Finality (TTF) is contingent on specific factors, including the responsiveness of the data source, block duration, and the degree of network congestion at the source of the request.

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