The TRIPLE Token

Token Name: $TRIPLE

Total Supply: $TRIPLE has a maximum total supply of 20 million tokens.

Use Cases:

  • Oracle Services: $TRIPLE will be used to pay node operators to fetch and deliver data from off-chain sources to smart contracts on the blockchain.

  • Staking Rewards: Users of $TRIPLE can stake their tokens within the system and receive rewards in the form of additional $TRIPLE tokens or participation rights in system governance.

  • Ecosystem Development: A portion of $TRIPLE will be allocated to drive ecosystem development, aiming to create partnership opportunities, support development projects, and promote token usage in new applications and services.

Token Distribution:

  • $TRIPLE tokens can be distributed through various means, including initial supply stages, distribution to node operators, ecosystem development, and the user community.

Token Burning: A portion of the fees that users pay to node operators can be used to purchase and burn $TRIPLE tokens, reducing the total supply over time.

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