TRIPLE Tokenomics

  1. Presale (15%): A portion, such as 15%, could be allocated for a presale event, allowing early supporters to purchase $TRIPLE tokens at a discounted rate before public release.

  2. Liquidity (8%): Approximately 8% of the tokens could be dedicated to providing initial liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to ensure a healthy trading environment.

  3. Oracle Services (20%): Around 20% of the tokens could be allocated for rewarding node operators and data providers who contribute to the oracle services, ensuring reliable and decentralized data feeds.

  4. Staking Rewards - Version 1 (10%): Initially, 10% of the tokens could be set aside for staking rewards, incentivizing users to stake $TRIPLE tokens and participate in network security and governance.

  5. Staking Rewards - Version 2 (10%): As the project evolves, an additional 10% could be allocated for a second phase of staking rewards, encouraging continued participation.

  6. Ecosystem Development (15%): Approximately 15% of the tokens could be dedicated to ecosystem development, supporting partnerships, developer grants, and initiatives that promote $TRIPLE adoption.

  7. Team + Future Team (5%): A portion, like 2%, could be allocated to the initial team members and contributors as incentives for their work in launching and developing the project. An additional 3% could be reserved for future team members and contributors who join the project, ensuring ongoing support and growth.

  8. Partnership (5%): Forge partnerships with key ecosystem players and marketing

  9. Node Operators & Ecosystem (5%): Approximately 5% of the tokens could be allocated to incentivize node operators

  10. Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listing (7%): To enhance liquidity and accessibility, 7% of the tokens could be reserved for potential listing fees and incentives on centralized exchanges.

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