Getting Started

Welcome to the Triple Technology Documentation

Triple Technology serves as an oracle delivering real-time financial market data across various blockchain networks. Triple is a feature that supports real-time cross-chain data provisioning.

Our offerings encompass price feeds for various asset classes, such as US equities (coming soon), commodities (coming soon), and cryptocurrencies. Each price feed provides a resilient compilation of publisher prices, with multiple updates per second.

These price feeds are accessible on numerous blockchain platforms and can be seamlessly integrated into off-chain applications as well.


The motive of TRIPLE is to give developers a simple mechanism to access off-chain resources from within their smart contracts without worrying about the security and trust consequences.

Triple envisions that DeFi & Web3 have the potential to revolutionize the financial landscape when equipped with the appropriate infrastructure and access to valuable real-world data. Our mission is to empower the profound influence of smart contract applications by simplifying the accessibility and scalability of a diverse array of valuable data within smart contract functions.

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