On Chain Data Solution

Triple's On Chain Data solution offers on-chain data feeds without necessitating the validation or assessment of data accuracy and currency.

Whenever the Triple Oracle identifies a price deviation exceeding a predefined threshold or determines that on-chain data refreshment is required, a new consensus round is instigated. All assets meeting the specified criteria at that juncture are encompassed within the consensus process.

Subsequently, the Triple Validator Network updates and scrutinizes the data via a consensus round. Once consensus is achieved regarding the accuracy of the information, it is promptly submitted to the blockchain.

Subsequently, a project's smart contract can directly retrieve and utilize the data from the Triple Price Feed smart contract.

Compatibility & Seamless Integration

For projects that have previously integrated with a different Oracle, Triple offers Reader smart contracts, streamlining the integration process without necessitating alterations to their existing smart contracts.

This streamlined approach facilitates swift and seamless onboarding, minimizing the need for extensive modifications to a data user's smart contract and obviating the necessity for code re-audits.

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